Q1: What is the Gamecosys decentralized gaming platform?

Gamecosys is a decentralized, efficient, and secure blockchain-based ecosystem in support of game industry. Our goal is to greatly improve the the efficiency and profitability of the following areas:

  • Business to Business sourcing and settlement
  • User Acquisition and marketing campaigns
  • IP asset management and licensing

The Gamecosys B2B platform will apply the versatility and strengths of blockchain technologies to greatly improve the game industry product production pipeline – from sourcing to development, product distribution to user acquisition, contract payments to product operations – in service to game industry developers, publishers, IP licensors, and players. Gamecosys is dedicated to building trust, building strong and reliable partnerships, improve product quality, encourage industry efficiency and growth.

The game industry suffers from many inefficiencies that are ideal targets for blockchain based business tools. However, it is our position that there are also larger, structural issues facing the game industry, hampering its growth and restricting viable content. In order to further grow the global game industry, new business support structures and new ways of doing business are needed – much larger solutions than any one tool or app being proposed currently. A market sized solution requires an ecosystem of mutually supporting tools and marketplaces, bringing together the various parties in a B2B marketplace specifically designed for their businesses, business models designed to align their interests, and provide cost and time efficient tools to facilitate their work.

Gamecosys intends to be that ecosystem, working together with other world leading partners to create a single venue industry businesses can look to for solutions to all their needs.

Q2: What’s the point of bringing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology into Gamecosys’s service?

Gamecosys’ core values are trust, success, and quality. Realizing these values requires a framework of systems to support. Trust is not an accident, it is built and maintained, supported by tools and community. Success is not by accident, it is the result of the right people matched with the right projects, with teams focused on the product rather than overhead or worrying about their partners. Quality is not an accident, it is the result of confident teams feeling secure in their projects and futures, with planned resources and no derailments. 

Gamecosys’ goal is to upgrade the ecosystem, providing flexibility and savings for companies both large and small. To this end, we offer a full suite of essential business solutions, creating a powerful and decentralized business engine. Gamecosys provides a complete solution: find your partners, use standard modules to quickly make your deal, use blockchain enabled technology to cheaply and securely execute your deal, use modern blockchain based tools for affordable “nextgen” user acquisition.

The ecosystem is made up of four pillars, which taken together cover the core necessary business activities and transactions across the game industry value chain. Four main DAPPs – Game Voltage, GES Pay, GrowIP and GrowUser – are powered by the GES settlement token, a seamless and revolutionary new way to execute game business efficiently and securely.

Q3: On what platform is the crowdfunding campaign being done?

The crowdfunding campaign is being conducted as an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). GES tokens are being issued on the blockchain platform Ethereum (https://www.ethereum.org/) using the ERC20 standard.

Q4: Where can i use the GES token?

Tokens circulate throughout the Gamecosys ecosystem, allowing customers to participate across a range of services without exchange costs or delays. Business account GES holders (Publisher / Developer / IP Licensor) may exchange tokens into desired FIAT via an exchange.

  • (C2B) Players pay tokens to purchase games for download, and for select IAPs.
  • (B2C) Publishers / Developers pay tokens to players as part of GrowUser UA campaigns.
  • (B2B) Publishers / Developers pay tokens to IP Holders for use of IP assets in a game product.
  • (B2B) Publishers use GES tokens as settlement for developer content distribution rights.

Q5: What is the business model of Gamecosys?

The GAMECOSYS platform earns profit from transaction fees, game shares, advertisement services, and professional consulting.

  • Transaction Fee: GAMECOSYS will charge 5% of the transaction amount for any trading activity on the GAMECOSYS platform. This includes actions such as game purchases by players, GES spent by players for games and IAPs.
  • Growth Model: Gamecosys will sell reserved tokens to players and members during the ecosystem growth.
  • Game shares: When a developer sells the distribution rights to game publishers, the platform will acquire 5% of the game’s equity, meaning, the GAMECOSYS platform will not only obtain 5% of revenue from the auction, but also receive 5% of the game’s revenue in the future.
  • UA Commission : Gamecosys will charge a percentage commission total spend of users acquired via the GrowGame UA system.
  • Advertisement services: Gamecosys will provide in-platform advertising options for B2B and B2C.

Q6: What is the advantage for game developer ?

Developers can receive direct sponsors from players, avoid cheap-sell of games, auction the distribution right, collect income timely and precisely, accumulate community retention on their own. Get Instant and Complete Player Behavior Data.

Q7: What is the advantage for game publisher ?

Publishers can avoid exploitation by existing profit-taking App platform, obtain more flexibility when bidding distribution right. The platform offer the publishers to lower the initial cost and risk and the budget of marketing and advertising. Publishers can also charge faster and simpler and monitor real-time game performance

Q8: What is the advantage for game players ?

Players can refer companion with bonus,enter a presale, deliver key opinions to the game development and also pay simply and universally through our platform.

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