How Gamecosys Works

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Game Voltage is a brand-new marketplace for game business B2B matchmaking and deal making.

Game Voltage serves as the 1.0 foundation for the Gamecosys blockchain-based Game Voltage 2.0, a truly modern B2B sourcing and procurement marketplace, designed by professional marketplace designers from the ground up to support the specific B2B needs of the game industry.



GES Pay is comprised of a payment gateway,

a token wallet for players, and a Software Development Kit (SDK) which allows our members to integrate their products into Gamecosys blockchain ecosystem. GES Pay is made up of the following functional modules:
- Game Payment SDK -GES Wallet
- GES Data
- GES Exchange



Gamecosys provides a robust blockchain based Digital Asset Management (DAM) framework, developed expressly for the needs of the game industry.

The GES IP DAM - named GrowIP - is tailor-made for IP holders to create and manage IP asset catalogs, which are embedded with blockchain secured IDs. IP holders can seamlessly shop for partners using the Gamecosys marketplace, resulting in a much lower cost for IP agreements while at the same time greatly increasing control of use.



The Gamecosys user acquisition (UA) framework - called GrowUser - is a simple but robust tool with which to create UA campaigns.

GROW USER using a token-powered, powerful and proven direct marketing framework to greatly lower the cost of UA. Players are rewarded with GES tokens for installs, spend, and referrals.


Evan Webb


Evan is a 15-year veteran game architect, with a focus on player choice design, game operations design, social infrastructure design, and behavioral economics. His technical and design experiences include games for most platforms, from PS1/2/3, Wii, XBox, PC, mobile, to even the old handhelds PSP and Gameboy Advance. Starting at EA Games in Los Angeles (Goldeneye, Medal of Honor), Evan then moved to Activision Games where he worked for nearly a decade on a long series of popular titles, including 4 years as the Lead Designer on Call of Duty Online, an important collaboration project with Tencent for the China market. After working on both small and large projects, in both western and in Asian markets, as a publisher and as a developer, Evan has a strong perspective on how the game industry works (and how it isn’t working). This perspective lead him to create Gamecosys in 2017, with the “optimistic-realist” goal to make markets more efficient, and thereby help people make better games.

Terence Chow


Terence is an accomplished and highly respected business management professional with an emphasis on building and managing complex businesses. Terence has more than 20 years’ experience with a proven track record in mobile business development and operations, especially in ecosystem establishment. He is the CEO of MAMO Games, a mobile game company focusing on entertainment collaboration with Meiah Entertainment (Hong Kong Stock Code: 00391) and 3W (privately funded) as a strategic investor. Before joining MAMO, he was the COO of Woosh Game, a joint-venture of China Unicom’s app store company XiaoWo Technology which responsible for building Asia’s third-party app store service. Before Woosh Game, Terence served as the Operation Director in 91 Wireless (the leading third-party app store service in China) where he built and managed the regional mobile game channels for the global market. 

Terence is also a successful serial entrepreneur. He co-founded Connect Infinity, a China-based vertical community startup and successfully launched the first vertical e-commerce community with the leading fashion media “Milk” in China. He co-founded Linuxtimes and Infoislive now, named as Lakoo, which has Tencent and Sequoia as investors.

Ben Li


A mobile industry veteran with 16 years of software and mobile product development experience. Joined Nokia APAC in 2001 after graduating from National University of Singapore on scholarship, to lead the development of several high profile global projects, including the rollout of Club Nokia in APAC and N-Gage gaming platform for Greater China. After Nokia, Ben joined renowned game company Softstar as R&D Director, to build mobile development team in Shanghai to produce several best selling mobile games on multiple smartphone platforms. In 2009, Ben joined social gaming startup Scoreloop as founding team member and headed the Technical Service in Asia to lead SDK development and game developer relationship. Worked with mobile operators in the region to launch social gaming services. Scoreloop was later acquired by Blackberry in 2011 for 75mil USD and became the default Game service on Blackberry devices. Since 2012, Ben joined NetDragon ( in Hong Kong as Product Director to lead mobile app store’s overseas expansion and product development, till its acquisition by Baidu for 1.9 billion USD. Ben is now Business Director for Codapay, a Singapore-based e-payment company, providing intelligent payment solutions to leading Chinese internet and gaming companies to help them flourish outside of China.

Novem Yip


Novem is a games industry veteran with 15 years of experience managing and leading marketing, overseas business development, and billing systems and virtual billing systems across PC and mobile. Prior to joining Mamo, she was the CEO, and co-founder of TopBanana, a mobile game developer and publisher based in Hong Kong which was acquired in 2016. Before TopBanana, Novem was the Overseas BD Director of iDreamSky, in which she managed projects like “Temple Run” and “One Piece.” Before Mamo and TopBanana, Novem worked in marketing, business development, and operations roles at leading companies including Lineage, the developer of NCsoft and payment solution provider, Gash (a Gamania Group company). Novem is a sought-after expert for the Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China markets.

Gary Ip

Business Development Director

Gary Ip is an entrepreneur who has been making a mark in the gaming industry for over ten years. He has also been an active early-stage investor on cryptocurrencies. In 2008, he founded ACT Productions Co. Ltd., a subsidiary company of ACT Media. ACT was launched by a team with years of experience, specializing in marketing, and media and productions for the gaming industry in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia. In 2013, He recognized the opportunity to enter the mobile game industry and established Monster Inc., a mobile game publishing company based in Hong Kong and Taiwan. In 2015, he co-founded MAMO Games Ltd. with Meiah Entertainment (HK-listed company). MAMO is a mobile game company focusing on entertainment and in collaboration with Meiah Entertainment. in 2016, it has closed the Series A funding round with 300 million HKD valuation by 3W (privately funded) as a strategic investor. After establishing his name in the gaming industry, he co-founded GamEcoSys in 2017. Today, he’s set to make more profound changes in the mobile games industry.

Samson Cheung

Security Lead

Samson is a forensic and security expert in the telecom industry in Canada, with years of experience building secure applications and working closely with government and researchers to improve security standards. Before focusing in the security field, Samson was active in the supply-chain industry and built several proprietary platforms for global footwear and apparel brands. Successfully connecting the points of sales to material preparation activities across the globe, and significantly increased market share and customer satisfaction.

Hector Wan

Director of Operations

Hector has 12 years of experience in managing publishing teams in the digital free-to-play games industry. Prior to Gamecosys, Hector worked for Seasun, where he successfully led the release and operations of four titles, and was responsible for leading the global mobile game business. Some products he helped release in Europe and the United States include “Brave Cross” and “Go! Titans.” Hector has extensive experience in product operations and distribution as he previously managed Gamania’s top titles including “Lineage” and “Kart Rider.”


David Song

David Song founded Global Mobile Game Confederation( GMGC) in 2012. GMGC is an international platform for sharing industry trends and ideas in the ever-evolving game industry. The GMGC conference is organized annually and yearly draws more than 200 speakers and 16,000 industry professionals from over 40 countries. Before founding GMGC, David co-founded GWC, the organizer of Asia’s largest mobile internet conference GMIC. GWC members include Tencent, Alibaba, Microsoft, Xiaomi and Facebook.

Maxim de Wit​

Maxim started his career in China with key positions at organizations that organized Asia’s largest B2B mobile Internet and mobile gaming conferences. Maxim became a connector and thought leader in the Asian tech space, regularly advising boards and speaking publicly. A cultural chameleon and Asia expert, Maxim has lived in China, India, Vietnam and Singapore for the past 8 years. Maxim continues to leverage his network and market knowledge to help companies expand to new markets and form lasting strategic partnerships.

Dale Huang

Dalu is currently the founder of Gamamobi, he has been in the gaming industry for over 18 years. He was previously the Operations Director at E-Fun for more than 4 years. During his tenure he managed more than 180 team members that created games that generated total revenues exceeding NT$100 million. Dalu is a product and market operations specialist, specializing in observing regional market and user behavior trends and leveraging these to create the best product plan strategies.

Tom Shum

Tom was graduated from B.Sc. Double Major of Computer Science & Maths at University of British Columbia, and had his Master degree in Information Technology from Hong Kong University of Science & Technology. Tom has been the founder of ACT Media since 2007 which is the leading marketing agency in Hong Kong and Taiwan for mobile game apps. ACT Media works with various named companies such as Tencent, Supercell, Blizzard, Mixi, Netmarble, Nexon, Sega, Bandai.
Tom has been involved in the advertising industry over 15 years and gained strong connections and resources on marketing expectually mobile apps. Throughout the experience from the past years, Tom gains a very strong strategy planning skills and reputation in the market.

Frank Liu

Frank is the co-founder & CEO of urAD since 2001, urAD is a cutting-edge Ad-Tech Firm based in Taiwan with branches throughout Southeast Asia. Its sole mission is to create a personalized intelligent digital advertising experience that delivers results effectively and efficiently. urAD leverages big data analysis, along with advanced machine learning and image recognition technologies to achieve maximum ROI and minimize spending. Frank also is the councillor of PurpleCow Startup Association.

Nelson Chan

Working in data centre field for over fifteen years, Nelson is a system design and cloud expert in the industry. He had participated in numbers of regional large scale data centre development and fully understand what a system needed to ensure its success. With bloom of blockchain, he is eager to put the technology in use and see its prospects.

Karen Yang

Karen is currently studying in Master of Digital Currency at University of Nicosia & was graduated from Honours Bachelor of Arts, Specialist in Eco & Eco History at University of Toronto.

Karen has been working in the financial industry for sale trading business since 2008. She is specializing in futures and equity strategic trading and dealing with investment banks, high frequency trading companies, market makers and hedge funds companies. Throughout the experience from the past years, Karen gains a very strong market connection, skills and reputation in the market.



2018 JUN


Conducting the token sale
2018 DEC

B2B GAME VOLTAGE and GES Pay alpha launch

Game Voltage payment alpha launch and industry partners can input content on it, and complete the transaction with GESpay
2019 Q1

B2C Grow User Alpha

The prototype of GrowUser platform launch
2019 Q2

GrowIP Alpha

GrowIP platform launch and IP holder can apply their IP in platform
2019 Q3

Market penetration

Marketing campaign start to promote the Gamecosys platform
LATE 2019


Official launch for the Gamecosys platform globally


Gamecosys speech in BEF singapore

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